A New Diversion : PUBG

Posted by alipuk on August 3, 2017 in Gaming, PUBG |

So I may have found a game that may cause me to get a divorce.

The game that is responsible for this statement is PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (yep, in all caps), or more readily known within the community as PUBG (look at me being all “pro”!). Read more…


Spot the Mug!

Posted by alipuk on August 24, 2016 in Fandom, Geek Stuff, Harry Potter, Star Wars |

Just bought a new mug with a very special talent Read more…

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Now I Feel Insignificant!

Posted by alipuk on January 27, 2014 in Me |

Just found this great use of flash on a site, and in my humble opinion its one of the best use of flash ever. from the smallest thing known (Quantum Foam and String) to what we know of the universe (in size anyway) this animation shows you how big or small things are.

So go ahead click on the image, or here, and then feel as small as a carbon atom.

how to be humbled

Mind = Blown


A Games Demise (a repost 1 year on)

Posted by alipuk on October 11, 2013 in Me |

I posted this just a little over a year ago following the news that City of Heroes was closing,and I thought that I would repost it here In Memorium.

Sadly I heard the other day that a game that was so much a part of my life a few years ago is to close. No not WoW, but City of Heroes. A place that I got to know so well from The Hollows to Portal Corporation, from Freedom Plaza out to Croatoa, these places meant so much to me

I was at a LAN when I first came across the game, one of the insomnia series, I was annoyed that they only had servers for the Americans and only took US Dollars as payment. Then 5 months after that I found out they were releasing the game over here in the UK and Europe with 4 dedicated servers.

Read more…


Speedtest Curiosity

Posted by alipuk on December 4, 2012 in Geek Stuff |

I am on a Virgin media connection for my home internets and I was curious to find out whether my access is as fast as everyone is making out. So I noticed on www.speedtest.net that they now do Speedwaves, which are basically lots of people contributing to a comparison of speeds.

So my dear readers, I would like it if you would care to have a go (no signup necessary) and contribute to my wave.

Feel free to click here and participate.


I Seem to Have Made A Bit Of A Mess

Posted by alipuk on February 23, 2012 in Geek Stuff |

I am a great fan of 3Com networking kit, and I have been running my home network off a 3300 SM. Now baring in mind the 3300 SM is not exactly new (HP bought 3Com out a few years ago), and this unit was second hand from ebay back in 2005, it has served me and the house very well indeed.

However I have noticed that the whole unit has got noisier over the last few months, so i decided to see what was going on with the 3300. after figuring out how to get in to the unit guess my level of shock when i saw this :-

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Who Is He and What Does He Do?

Posted by alipuk on February 16, 2012 in Me |

What a question to post on your first blog. Yes So who is he and what does he do?  I will split the answers down into 2 parts

I am a 40 year old Aircraft Engineer that  has a very unhealthy interest in technology which keeps me (relativley) poor. I am married, have kids and grandkids, like Tattoos, Beer, Comedy, Computers, Travel,and rock music.

I am from the South East of the UK and work at the premier airport for a very large UK airline. I am lucky enough to live in an area that has cable broadband that (at the time of writing) is giving me a very stable 50 meg, which allows me to host my own web and mail server.

I have 2 (step) kids, and 4 grandkids (3 boys one girl), and I have been married for 17 Years.


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