A New Diversion : PUBG

Posted by alipuk on August 3, 2017 in Gaming, PUBG |

So I may have found a game that may cause me to get a divorce.

The game that is responsible for this statement is PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (yep, in all caps), or more readily known within the community as PUBG (look at me being all “pro”!).

Essentially the game revolves around a Battle Royale format (last man standing), Played as solo, duo or teams of 4. The thing that makes the game unique is that its played in either third or first person and its extremely tactical with Terrain playing a huge part.

Camping is eliminated, as you play in an ever decreasing circle which slowly and inevitably brings the remaining players into a smaller and smaller random area of the map.

to get an idea of what I am talking about, have a look at some of the twitch and Youtubers that play this game (I personally recommend JackFrags, XFactorGaming, Aculite and Levelcap). Go, now, watch some videos and then come back, I will wait.

Now that you have watched some videos of the game play, what do you think?

I personally blame JackFrags for getting me interested in the game. I saw a few of his videos from the Alpha and the game intrigued me, Really intrigued me. The game looked very, very, pretty even back then. This was in early March 2017.

I found out that the game was going into early access somewhere later that month and I decided to pre-purchase the game.

Its now 5 months down the line with weekly and monthly updates that have mostly improved how the game plays. Yes there has been a few “issues”, but they have been resolved very quickly by Bluehole (the developer) and the communication from them has been superb. This how a game should be developed.

I have  seen the player base increase from about 250,000 at release of the early access to over 5 Million copies sold now.

The community is very active and vocal, with a huge amount of streamers on twitch broadcasting the game to a wide audience.

Its been a longtime since I have been this engaged by a game, and I have been playing it to the exclusion of all other games and the hours that I have spent on the game is just unreal (well over 200 hours). This game is equally frustrating and rewarding in equal measures!

I am now hungry for a chicken dinner!

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